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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Movie: Meow

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Meow China / Hong Kong Movie
Title: Meow
Chinese Title: 喵星人
Release Date: July 14, 2017
Genre: Comedy, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Qing Jia
Region: China / Hong Kong

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Meow Huang Xing Yuan Huang Xing Yuan as Wu You Cai
Meow Louis Koo Louis Koo as Wu Shou Long
Meow Liu Chu Tian Liu Chu Tian as Wu You You
Meow Ma Li Ma Li as Zhou Li Zhu

  • Miao Miao Miao (喵喵喵) by Huang Xing Yuan (黄星羱)

Meow China / Hong Kong Movie
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Meow China / Hong Kong Movie
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