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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Drama: Saimdang: The Herstory

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Saimdang: The Herstory Korea Drama
Title: Saimdang: The Herstory
Chinese Title: 师任堂:光的日记
Broadcast Date: September 2016
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Language: In Korean
Director: Yin Shang Hao
Region: Korea

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Saimdang (Lee Young Ae) who made a name for herself during the Joseon era is not only a famous artist but also a kind wife and a loving mother. In the modern day era, a woman discovers Saimdang's diary and portrait to find a secret buried in history.

Fun Facts

It is Lee Young Ae's comeback project more than ten years after Jewel in the Palace took the world by storm. The creative team alluded that the role of Saimdang was created specifically with Lee Young Ae in mind as she truly embodies the elegance and grace of the titular lead.

Saimdang: The Herstory Lee Young-ae Lee Young-ae as Shi Ren Tang / Xu Zhi Yun / Da Xue Jiang Shi / Shen Shi Ren Tang
Saimdang: The Herstory Oh Yoon-ah Oh Yoon-ah as Cui Shi
Saimdang: The Herstory Song Seung Heon Song Seung Heon as Li Qian
Saimdang: The Herstory Yin Duo Xun Yin Duo Xun as Li Yuan Xiu

Supporting Cast
  • Jin Hai Shu
  • Yin Shi Hua
  • Cui Zhong Huan
  • Cui Zhe Hao
  • Piao Hui Xiu as Shi Ren Tang (Young)
  • Yin Rui Zhu as Cui Shi (Young)
  • Pu Jun Mian
  • Pu Zheng Xue
  • Jin Ying Jun
  • Ju Hui Ling
  • Li Zhu Yan

Saimdang: The Herstory Korea Drama
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