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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Movie: League of Gods

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League of Gods  China Movie
Title: League of Gods
Chinese Title: 3D版封神榜
Release Date: July 29, 2016   -  
Genre: Melodrama, Period Drama, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Xie Wei Xin Xu An
Region: China

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League of Gods depicts the tail-end of the Shang Dynasty where Zhou Wang (Tony Leung Ka Fai) succumbs to the enchantments of Da Ji (Fan Bing Bing) and the ill-advices of Shen Gong Bao (Louis Koo). Jiang Zi Ya (Jet Li) is a prominent military strategist known for his wisdom and he gathers a team of god-gifted warriors that include Lei Zhen Zi (Xiang Zuo), Ne Zha (Wen Zhang) and Yang Jian (Huang Xiaoming). Lan Die (Angelababy) becomes Lei Zhen Zi's love interest though she bears a deep dark secret of her own.

Fun Facts
Due to the big stars attached to the project, League of Gods had a strong following even before filming began and it premiered as a 3D movie in 2016. Angelababy and Huang Xiao Ming are married in real life.

Main Cast
Wen Zhang Wen Zhang as Na Zha
Shu Qi Shu Qi as Da Ji
Tony Leung Ka-fai Tony Leung Ka-fai as Zhou Wang
Louis Koo Louis Koo as Kong Qiao Ming Wang
Angelababy Angelababy as Mei Ren Yu
Huang Xiao Ming Huang Xiao Ming as Er Lang Shen
Jet Li Jet Li as Jiang Zi Ya
Jacky Heung Jacky Heung
Fan Bing Bing Fan Bing Bing as Su Da Ji

Supporting Cast
  • Gu Wen Ze as Jiang Zi Ya (Young)
  • Zhao Shu Ting as Da Ji (Young)
  • Yang Gong Ru
  • Chen Xiao Chun
  • Li Xing Yu
  • Andy On

League of Gods  China Movie
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