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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Drama: Woman in a Family of Swordsman

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Woman in a Family of Swordsman  China Drama
Title: Woman in a Family of Swordsman
Chinese Title: 刀客家族的女人
Broadcast Date: May 19, 2014   -  
Genre: Period Drama, War and Revolution
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 44
Director: Yang Wen Jun
Region: China

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Ge Da Ni (Dong Liya) ignores her family's wishes to marry a simple man and instead, marries Yu Lao Ba (Guo Peng), a hapless gambler who lost his first wife to a bet. Her only reason for marrying Yu Lao Ba is due to a past with Yu Hualong (Yang Le), the head of the Yu household and leader of the Shi Quan stronghold. It soon becomes apparent that her bold and carefree personality has no place in front of stubborn conservatism, yet she perseveres to earn the respect of her new family. The Sino-Japanese war erupts in the same moment and Ge Da Ni takes up arms against the invaders in a valiant display of a woman's courage.

Main Cast
Tong Li Ya Tong Li Ya as Ge Da Ni
Yang Shuo Yang Shuo as Yu Hua Long
Rachel Mao Xiao Tong Rachel Mao Xiao Tong as Ming Yue
Zeng Hong Chang Zeng Hong Chang as Yu Ding Bang
Gao Lu Gao Lu as Lian Hua
Bao Tian Qi Bao Tian Qi as Ge Yun Xia
He Sai Fei He Sai Fei as Yu Huang Shi

Supporting Cast
  • Xu Huan Huan as Shi Cai Feng
  • Jiang Feng as Pan Lao Qi
  • Wu Li Peng as Yu Zhong Hui
  • Guo Peng as Yu Lao Ba
  • Jiang Yi Ming as Bai Liang Jie
  • Liu Bao Xu as Mu Tou
  • Liang Yi Xin as Xiao Cui

  • Sheng Si Tong Wang (生死同往) by Zhou Peng (周澎)
  • Que Shi Jiao Xiu Hong Yan (却是娇羞红颜) by Lao Zai (捞仔)

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