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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Drama: When Love Walks In

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When Love Walks In China / Taiwan Drama
Title: When Love Walks In
Chinese Title: 爱情闯进门
Broadcast Date: July 24, 2013
Genre: Romance, Idol
Language: Mandarin
Director: Han Feng / Chen Zhi
Region: China / Taiwan

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Shen Ya Yin (Victoria Song) loses her parents at a young age and she is brought up by an adoptive family who treats her with nothing but contempt. Nevertheless, she is kind, optimistic and full of hope as she works around the clock to reach her dreams. To everyone's surprise, Ya Yin is the long-lost granddaughter of the Yuan Conglomerate and she is then swept into the world of the rich and famous surrounded by three very talented men - Qin Yu Jiang (Chen Yi Ru), Gu Qing Feng (Li Shao Yang) and Li Shang Lin (Zhou Mi).

Fun Facts

In 2012, F(x) member Victoria Song lands the lead role as a classic Cinderella in When A Love Walks In, also starring Calvin Chen and Super Junior M member Zhou Mi in her first acting gig in a Chinese TV series.

When Love Walks In Victoria Song Qian Victoria Song Qian as Shen Ya Yin
When Love Walks In Chen Yi Ru Chen Yi Ru as Qin Yu Jiang
When Love Walks In Zhou Mi Zhou Mi as Li Shang Lin
When Love Walks In Sean Lee Sean Lee as Gu Qing Feng
When Love Walks In Liu Chao Liu Chao as Chen Xu Yang

Supporting Cast
  • Mi Zi An as Li Ming Qiong
  • Xiao Yan as Chen Yu Ru

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