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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Drama: Singing All Along

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Singing All Along  China Drama
Title: Singing All Along
Chinese Title: 秀丽江山之长歌行
Broadcast Date: July 21, 2016   -  
Genre: Period Drama, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 56
Director: Lin Feng Zhu Rui Bin Chen Quan
Region: China

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Based on a novel by Li Yun, Singing All Along is a TV series about Liu Xiu (Yuan Hong), Deng Yu (Kenny Kwan), Peng Yi (Li Jia Hang), Liu Xuan (Yu Bo) and Yin Li (Ruby Lin) who become friends while studying in Chang An. Years later, the country has devolved into chaos because of Xin Mang's rule, rallying many to revolt against the government.

Main Cast
Ruby Lin Ruby Lin as Yin Li Hua
Yuan Hong Yuan Hong as Liu Xiu
Li Jia Hang Li Jia Hang as Feng Yi
Kenny Kwan Kenny Kwan as Deng Yu
Yu Bo Yu Bo as Liu Xuan
Wang Yuan Ke Wang Yuan Ke as Guo Shan Tong / Guo Sheng Tong
Zong Feng Yan Zong Feng Yan as Liu Yin
Wang Yu Wang Yu as Yin Shi
Mao Zi Jun Mao Zi Jun as Yin Xing
Qin Jun Jie Qin Jun Jie as Deng Feng

Supporting Cast
  • Yi Sheng Suo Xie (一生所写) by Deng Rong & Bao Hu Er Zha (邓容&包胡尔查)
  • Yi Sheng Suo Xie (一生所写) by Tan Meng Xiao (谈梦宵)
  • Xiu Li Jiang Shan (秀丽江山) by Fan Yi Chen (范逸臣)
  • Listen - Hong Yan Jiang Shan (红颜江山) by Ruby Lin (林心如)

Singing All Along  China Drama
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