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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Drama: Prince of Lanling

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Prince of Lanling China Drama
Title: Prince of Lanling
Chinese Title: 兰陵王
Broadcast Date: August 14, 2013
Genre: Romance, Period Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 46
Director: Zhong Shu Jia
Region: China

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More than a thousand years ago, the Kingdom of Qi and Zhou are embroiled in an unending war for control of the Northern region. Lan Ling Wang (Feng Shao Feng) is a general of Qi known for his excellence in combat and military stratagems. During a battle, he ends up finding a hidden village where he meets Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin). However, it is known throughout the lands that whoever has the maiden from the witch village can conquer the lands and Yuwen Yong (Daniel Chan) of Zhou will stop at nothing to have Xue Wu by his side.

Fun Facts

Lan Ling Wang soared to popularity upon its premiere in 2013, airing across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Japan. It is a TV series that spared no expense during its production, spending over one hundred million RMB to create a cinematic experience usually seen in movies. Aside from an all-star cast headlined by C-actor Feng Shao Feng, TW-actress Ariel Lin and HK-actor Daniel Chan, the extravagant costumes and intricate set designs were made with an eye for perfection and even the posters were helmed by renowned Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa, staying true to a unique styling that is imbued with touches of red, an auspicious color in Chinese culture. Ariel Lin admits to having a childhood crush on 90's icon Daniel Chan and she is delighted at the opportunity to work on a project together. Mayday and Ding Dang lend their voices to the original soundtrack with Mayday releasing a short teaser prior to the series premiere.

Prince of Lanling Feng Shao Feng Feng Shao Feng as Lan Ling Wang
Prince of Lanling Ariel Lin Ariel Lin as Yang Xue Wu
Prince of Lanling George Hu George Hu as An De Wang
Prince of Lanling Wei Qian Xiang Wei Qian Xiang as Han Xiao Dong
Prince of Lanling Wang Di Wang Di as A Shi Na
Prince of Lanling Deng Sha Deng Sha as Lan Ling Wang Sheng Mu
Prince of Lanling Nikita Mao Linlin Nikita Mao Linlin as Feng Xiao Lian
Prince of Lanling Zhai Tianlin Zhai Tianlin as Gao Wei

Supporting Cast
  • Chen Xiao Dong as Yu Wen Yong
  • Li Dong Han as Yang Shi Shen
  • Wang Zheng as Yu Wen Shen Ju

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