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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Drama: One and a Half Summer

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One and a Half Summer China / Korea Drama
Title: One and a Half Summer
Chinese Title: 一又二分之一的夏天
Broadcast Date: June 23, 2014
Genre: School
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 27
Director: Zhang Lin Zi
Region: China / Korea

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Zhang Hao (Nichkhun) is an American born Chinese who is independent, outgoing and full of life. He meets a Chinese student named Luo Ma during his visit to Santorini and transfers to Beijing in hopes of finding her again. Yet he is surprised to realize that the Luo Ma (Xu Lu) in his new school is not the Luo Ma of his dreams. Nevertheless, he forges friendships with Luo Ma and Li Xiu Wen (Jiang Jin Fu) in a heart-warming story about the happiness, sorrows, dreams and aspirations of young people.

Fun Facts

The series premiered on Jun. 23, 2014 on Dragon TV, telling a youthful school romance about people born in the 90's.

One and a Half Summer Nichkhun Nichkhun as Zhang Hao
One and a Half Summer Xu Lu Xu Lu as Luo Man
One and a Half Summer Jiang Jin Fu Jiang Jin Fu as Su Yuan
One and a Half Summer Wei Da Xun Wei Da Xun as Ma Jun Cai

Supporting Cast
  • Meng Jia as Song Qing
  • Yu Wen Wen as Shu Qing
  • Zhu Dan as Ding Ling

  • Yi You Er Fen Zhi Yi De Xia Tian (一又二分之一的夏天) by Xu Lu (徐璐)
  • I ll Always Be The.. by Yu Wen Wen (于文文)
  • Ai Bu Ai Wo (爱不爱我) by Zhou Xiao Ou (周晓鸥)
  • Parisienne WalkWays by Yu Wen Wen (于文文)
  • Let It Rain by Ni Kun (尼坤)

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