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Friday, 9 January 2015

Drama: My Sunshine

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My Sunshine  China Drama
Title: My Sunshine
Chinese Title: 何以笙箫默
Broadcast Date: January 10, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance, Idol
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 36
Director: Liu Jun
Region: China

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Zhao Mo Shen (Tiffany Tang Yan) is a student who falls in love at first sight with He Yi Chen (Wallace Chung), a French major who is undeniably swoon-worthy and so begins her active pursuit for his acceptance. The two eventually become college sweethearts but various misunderstandings pile up that ends in their breakup.

After seven years, Mo Shen comes back from the US as an accomplished photographer and crosses paths with He Yi Chen once again. While their reasons to be apart have only multiplied over time, the pair cannot resist the strong feelings they once had.

Fun Facts
Gu Man is a popular writer who also penned Boss and Me and Just One Smile is Very Alluring, two very successful c-dramas that earned much-love from viewers.

My Sunshine premiered on Jan. 10, 2015 on Jiangsu TV, Anhui TV and Dragon TV and it became Jiangsu TV's highest-rated drama in 2015.

Main Cast
Tiffany Tang Yan Tiffany Tang Yan as Wei Mo Sheng
Wallace Chung Wallace Chung as He Yi Chen
Tan Kai Tan Kai as Ying Hui

Supporting Cast
  • My Sunshine by Zhang Jie (张杰)
  • Yu Jian Ni De Shi Hou Suo You Xing Xing Du La Dao Wo Tou Shang (遇见你的时候所有星星都落到我头上) by Gao Shan (高姗)
  • Gu Du De Zong He (孤独的总和) by Wu Wen Fang (吴汶芳)
  • Hao Jiu Bu Jian (好久不见) by Tang Yan (唐嫣)
  • To April by Gao Shan (高珊)
  • Wei Guang (微光) by Hua Chen Yu (华晨宇)
  • He Yi Ai Qing (何以爱情) by Zhong Han Liang (钟汉良)

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