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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Drama: Sorry, I'm In Love With You

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Sorry, I'm In Love With You  China Drama
Title: Sorry, I'm In Love With You
Chinese Title: 对不起爱上你
Broadcast Date: 2014
Genre: Romance, Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Yin Tao / Xie Zhao Yi
Region: China

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Ou Le (Geng Le) and Liu Yu Ting (Liu Shi Shi) are two talented individuals in fierce competitors due to their positions as the representatives of Hui Ying and Tian Sheng, yet away from prying eyes is a couple genuinely in love with each other. Liu Yu Ting catches the attention of Hui Ying's Tong Xi Lin (Wu Xiu Po) who is known for his ruthlessness. Left with no choice, she decides to help her own boss and to protect her boyfriend by going undercover at Hui Ying. Ou Le fails to understand her motivations and he also jumps ship to work under Tian Sheng instead. However, a master manipulator is actually pulling the strings behind the scenes, looking to takeover both companies in one fall swoop.

Main Cast
Wu Xiu Bo Wu Xiu Bo as Tong Xi Lin
Cecilia Liu Shi Shi Cecilia Liu Shi Shi as Liu Yu Ting
Geng Le Geng Le as Ou Le
Zhang Zhi Xi Zhang Zhi Xi as Hao Jie
Shi An Shi An as Kan Shan
Gong Lei Gong Lei as Yan Song
Peng Jing Peng Jing as Mi Li Er
Huang Jun Peng Huang Jun Peng as Kan De Yu

Supporting Cast
  • Yang Xue as Xia Wen
  • Zhang Wen as Han Xiao Xiao
  • Tang Xiao Ran as Yao Yao

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