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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Drama: Let's Fight Ghost

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Let's Fight Ghost Korea Drama
Title: Let's Fight Ghost
Chinese Title: 打架吧鬼神
Broadcast Date: July 11, 2016
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Language: In Korean
Episodes: 16
Region: Korea

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Based on a manhwa of the same name, Let's Fight Ghost is about a man who sees ghost (Ok Taecyeon), his ghostly roommate (Kim So Hyun) and their crazy antics which slowly develop into a heart-warming romance.

Let's Fight Ghost Ok Taecyeon Ok Taecyeon as Piao Feng Ba
Let's Fight Ghost Kim So-Hyun Kim So-Hyun as Jin Xian Zhi
Let's Fight Ghost Kwon Yul Kwon Yul as Zhu Hui Xing / Zhou Hui Cheng

Supporting Cast
  • Jin Xiang Hao as Ming Zhe Chang Lao
  • Li Da Wei as Ren Lang
  • Jiang Qi Yong as Cui Tian Shang
  • Li Du Yan
  • Bai Shu Yi as Lin Shu Yan
  • Li Shi Ying

  • Zhi Kan Zhao Ni (只看着你) by Liu Zhi Xian (柳智娴&김민지)
  • Ou Ran De Shir Qing (偶然的事情) by Jin Zhao Xi & Song You Bin (金昭希&宋宥彬)
  • An Wei Wo (安慰我) by Rocoberry
  • Meng (梦) by Kim So-Hyun (金所炫)

Let's Fight Ghost Korea Drama
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