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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Drama: Legend of Chusen

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Legend of Chusen / Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi China Drama
Title: Legend of Chusen / Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi
Chinese Title: 诛仙青云志
Broadcast Date: July 31, 2016
Genre: Period Drama, Martial Arts, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 55
Director: Ju Jiao Liang
Region: China

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Zhang Xiao Fan (Li Yi Feng) is an innocent lad whose life is turned upside down after the massacre of his village. It all began when he asked for the help of a mysterious elder who bestows him with the blood pearl.

Xiao Fan together with his friend Lin Jing Yu (Cheng Yi) become students of the Qing Yun Sect and they manage a decent childhood in spite of the tragedies of the past. Xiao Fan also develops a liking for Tian Ling Er (Tina Tang Yixin) though their relationship remains largely platonic.

However, the time must come for Xiao Fan to form his own conceptions about good and evil. Along the way, he meets Lu Xue Qi (Yang Zi), the most beautiful maiden in Qing Yun and the epitome of good and he also meets Bi Yao (Zhao Li Ying), a descendant of the evil sect.

Fun Facts

It is based on a popular novel by Xiao Ding. Even though Xiao Ding is not involved in the TV adaptation, he is often seen following the progress of the show and communicating with the cast on weibo.

*Weibo is the Chinese version of twitter.

Legend of Chusen Li Yi Feng Li Yi Feng as Zhang Xiao Fan / Gui Li (Adult)
Legend of Chusen Andy Yang Zi Andy Yang Zi as Lu Xue Qi
Legend of Chusen Zanilia Zhao Li Ying Zanilia Zhao Li Ying as Bi Yao
Legend of Chusen Jackson Yi Jackson Yi as Xiao Qi
Legend of Chusen Karry Wang Karry Wang as Lin Jing Yu (Young)
Legend of Chusen Roy Wang Roy Wang as Zhang Xiao Fan (Young)
Legend of Chusen Cheng Yi Cheng Yi as Lin Jing Yu (Adult)
Legend of Chusen Qin Jun Jie Qin Jun Jie as Zeng Shu Shu
Legend of Chusen Fu Cheng Peng Fu Cheng Peng as Gui Wang
Legend of Chusen Wang Wan Juan Wang Wan Juan as Xiao Chi

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Qing Yun Zhi (青云志) by Wu Jun Yu & Li Kai Xin (吴俊余&李凯馨)
  • Listen - Ni You Mei You Shen Ai Guo (你有没有深爱过) by Liu Ruo Ying (刘若英)
  • Ying Xiong You Lu (英雄有路) by Ren Xian Qi (任贤齐)
  • Listen - Qing Yi Yao (青衣谣) by Yu Ke Wei (郁可唯)
  • Listen - Chi Si (离思) by Huo Zun (霍尊)
  • Listen - Fu Zhu (浮诛) by Zhang Jie (张杰)
  • Listen - Shi Guang Bi Mo (时光笔墨) by Zhang Bi Chen (张碧晨)

Legend of Chusen / Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi China Drama
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Legend of Chusen / Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi China Drama
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