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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Drama: The Investiture of the Gods 1

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The Investiture of the Gods 1  China Drama
Title: The Investiture of the Gods 1
Chinese Title: 封神英雄榜
Broadcast Date: January 31, 2014   -  
Genre: Period Drama, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Wang Wei Ting
Region: China

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Zhou Wang (Wu Zhuo Han) is the ruthless emperor of the Shang Dynasty. In an attempt to end his tyranny, the Nu Wa Goddess (Liu Tao) commands the fox spirit (Viann Zhang Xinyu), the pheasant (Zheng Yi Tong) and the lute (Mai Di Na) to assist the person who holds the five color stone. However, Shen Gong Bao (Zhang Ming Ming) steals the stone from Jiang Zi Ya (Sammul Chan) and gains their support instead. After being perceived to be a useless pawn throughout his seven years of captivity, Wen Wang Ji Chang is finally released. He studies under the tutelage of Jiang Zi Ya and wages war against the Shang Dynasty.

Fun Facts
The Investiture of the Gods 1 is produced by Jian Yuan Xin and directed by Wang Wei Ting. It wrapped in July 2013 after four months of filming and premiered in January 2014 on CCTV. The two leads earned praise especially Sammul Chan who gave a fresh and humorous take on the historical figure Jiang Zi Ya who is immortalized into a god with a youthful appearance. Nevertheless, the series' blatant deviations from the original novel, terrible costumes and bad styling were widely-criticized.

Main Cast
Sammul Chan / Chen Jian Feng Sammul Chan as Jiang Zi Ya
Jiang Hong Jiang Hong as Ma Zhao Di
Viann Zhang Viann Zhang as Su Da Ji
Wu Zhuo Han Wu Zhuo Han as Shang Zhou Wang
Li Jin Rong Li Jin Rong as Yang Jian
Zhang Di Zhang Di as Ji Fa
Zhang Ming Ming Zhang Ming Ming as Shen Gong Bao
Zhang Zhuo Wen Zhang Zhuo Wen as Na Zha
Madina Memet / Mai Di Na Madina Memet as Pi Pa Jing
Zheng Yi Tong Zheng Yi Tong as Qing Qing
Liu Tao Liu Tao as Nu Wa
Wu Dai Rong Wu Dai Rong as Bi Gan
Wu Jing Jing Wu Jing Jing as Shuang Er

Supporting Cast
  • Zheng Peng Fei as Lei Zhen Zi
  • Yin Xie Zi as He Lan
  • Wang Jing Luan as Bai Hua Xian Zi
  • Wang Jin Duo as Wu Ji
  • Liu Yu Ting as Cui Bing
  • Sun Cong as Jin Zha
  • Lan Hao Yu as Mu Zha

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