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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Drama: Ice Fantasy

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Ice Fantasy  China Drama
Title: Ice Fantasy
Chinese Title: 幻城
Broadcast Date: July 24, 2016   -  
Genre: Period Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 62
Director: Ju Jiao Liang Zou Ji Cheng
Region: China

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Ice Fantasy is a xianxia adaptation telling the tale of a mythological era when the Ice and Fire were embroiled in war. Kasuo (Feng Shao Feng) and Shi (Ma Tianyu) are royal princes of the Ice Kingdom but their home is destroyed after the attack of Fire. They escape to the human world under the protection of Li Luo (Victoria Song) though Shi ends up falling into the hands of Da Ji (Alina Zheng) who is a princess of the Fire Kingdom.

Fun Facts
Ice Fantasy is Korean actress Kim Hee Sun's first time acting in a Chinese drama though she previously starred in a 2005 movie called The Myth opposite Jackie Chan. As mother and son, Kim Hee Sun and Ma Tianyu had numerous scenes together tho they had to use Korean and Chinese for their lines, which was dubbed into Chinese post-production. It is based on a novel by Guo Jingming who also wrote Tiny Times and L.O.R.D. Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties.

Main Cast
Ray Ma Tianyu Ray Ma Tianyu as Ying Kong Shi / Li Tian Jin
Feng Shao Feng / William Feng Feng Shao Feng as Ka Suo
Victoria Song Qian Victoria Song Qian as Li La / Chi Jing
Alina Zhang Meng Alina Zhang Meng as Yan
Hu Bing Hu Bing as Huo Wang
Shao Bing Shao Bing as Bing Wang
Wang Duo Wang Duo as Huang Tuo
Jin Xi Shan Jin Xi Shan as Lian Ji
Xu Jiao Xu Jiao as Xing Gui
Gong Bei Bi Gong Bei Bi as Bing Hou

Supporting Cast
  • Bu Gai (不该) by Zhou Jie Lun & Zhang Hui Mei (周杰伦&张惠妹)
  • Meng Hua (梦话) by A
  • Ai Hui Huan Yuan (爱会还原) by Ye Huai Pei (叶怀佩)
  • Li La (梨落) by Yuan Yong Lin (袁咏琳)
  • Ai Ru Ying (爱如樱) by Huang Yu Xun (黄雨勋)
  • Wo Bu Fang Shou (我不放手) by Qin Yu Zi (秦宇子)
  • Bi An Yu (彼岸鱼) by Xian Pei Jin (冼佩瑾)
  • Lian Shang (莲殇) by Yu Wen Wen (于文文)
  • Wu Hui (无悔) by Xian Pei Jin (冼佩瑾)
  • Li La (梨落) by Victoria Song Qian (宋茜)
  • Listen - Ai Ru Ying (爱如樱) by Ma Tian Yu (马天宇)
  • Listen - Xin De (心底) by Yuan Yong Lin (袁咏琳)

Ice Fantasy  China Drama
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