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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Drama: Go, Single Lady

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Go, Single Lady  Taiwan Drama
Title: Go, Single Lady
Chinese Title: 真爱遇到他
Broadcast Date: July 6, 2014   -  
Genre: Romance, Idol, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 27
Director: Ke Han Chen
Region: Taiwan

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Wang Man Ling (Ady An) comes from a family that has gained riches through raising pigs and she has matured into a woman with no inkling whatsoever on how to be a lady. After being abandoned by her ex-boyfriend and being laughed at for being a leftover woman that nobody wants, Man Ling vows to marry in one year or not marry at all. However, her blind date starts off on the wrong foot when it turns out to be with Fan Jiang Li (Mike He), an unambitious socialite who only knows how to spend money. Fan Jiang Li's family goes bankrupt and he ends up working as a caretaker for pigs. To his dismay, Man Ling becomes his boss and she relishes the chance at sweet vengeance.

Main Cast
Ady An Ady An as Wang Man Ling
Fu Xin Bo Fu Xin Bo as Kai Jie
Xian Zi Xian Zi as Ya Zi
Su Jian Xin Su Jian Xin as Doctor Su

Supporting Cast
  • He Jun Xiang as Fan Jiang Yu
  • He Yi Hang as Wang Fu
  • Lin Mei Xiu as Wang Mu

  • Zhen Ai Yu Dao Ta Zhu Ti Qu (真爱遇到他主题曲) by Xin (信)
  • Wo Shi Ni De (我是你的) by Ni An Dong (倪安东)
  • Rong Hua Le (融化了) by Popu Lady
  • Shui Hao Jiu Suan Le (说好就算了) by Xian Zi (弦子)
  • Ai Zhao Ai Zhao Jiu Yong Yuan (爱着爱着就永远) by Tian Fu Zhen (田馥甄)

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