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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Drama: Fabulous Boys

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Fabulous Boys  Taiwan Drama
Title: Fabulous Boys
Chinese Title: 原来是美男
Broadcast Date: May 12, 2013   -  
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yu Zhong Zhong
Region: Taiwan

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Gao Mei Nu (Lyan Cheng) is quite a clumsy nun in training, a la Sound of Music and she readies for further studies in Rome. Right before she has to leave, her twin brother Gao Mei Nan earns a spot in a famous boyband but he is unable to perform due to an accident. To keep things quiet, his manager begs Mei Nu to pretend to be Mei Nan until his recovery. She then finds herself in a load of hilarious hijinks as an aspiring nun living as a male pop idol alongside the high-strung and peculiar leader Huang Tai Jing (Jiro Wang) and his bandmates.

Fun Facts
Fabulous Boys is the 2013 Taiwanese remake of You're Beautiful, a Korean drama that aired on SBS in 2009.

Main Cast
Jiro Wang / Wang Dong Cheng Jiro Wang as Huang Tai Jing
Su Li Wen Su Li Wen as Gao Mei Nu
Huang Ren Si Huang Ren Si as Jiang Xin Yu
Lily Tien Lily Tien as Mu Hua Lan

Supporting Cast
  • Cai Min You as Jeremy
  • Wang Si Ping as Liu Xin Ning
  • Chen Wei Min as Ma Ke

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