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Monday, 3 August 2015

Drama: Extremely Urgent

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Extremely Urgent  China Drama
Title: Extremely Urgent
Chinese Title: 迫在眉睫
Broadcast Date: August 4, 2015   -  
Genre: Spy, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 45
Director: Yu Ming Sheng / Zou Ji Cheng / Liu Guo Hui
Region: China

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The fall of the Qing Dynasty results in a mass smuggling of precious palace artifacts. To protect the country's heritage, He Tai Yan (Li Xiu Xian) establishes a team called Wu Sha dedicated to finding the key to the 64 scrolls. He Cai (Baron Chen) leads the team through dangerous and high-risk missions and he finds himself falling for the enemy, a beautiful bounty hunter named Chen Mo (Gillian Cheung).

Fun Facts
Extremely Urgent is the first collaboration between Gillian Cheung and Baron Chen as an onscreen couple.

Main Cast
Gillian Cheung / Zhong Xin Tong Gillian Cheung as Chen Mo
Wang Bo Gu Wang Bo Gu as Meng Chen
Li Ya Nan Li Ya Nan as Feng Yi
Guo Ming Xiang Guo Ming Xiang as Ma Jian San
Yi Li Sha Yi Li Sha as Ma Li
Massa Massa as Guan Yue Si Tai

Supporting Cast
  • Chen Chu He as He Cai
  • Yuan Wei as Li Tie Feng
  • Wang Man Ni as Li Cai Xia
  • Cao Cao as Dai Wei Si
  • Li Xiu Xian as He Tai Yan
  • Chen Yu Guang as Liao Jun Biao
  • Zhang Feng as Ma He Dong
  • Lai Xiao Sheng as Zhou Quan

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