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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Drama: A Different Kind of Pretty Man

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A Different Kind of Pretty Man  China Drama
Title: A Different Kind of Pretty Man
Chinese Title: 不一样的美男子
Broadcast Date: June 29, 2014   -  
Genre: Romance, Idol, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 20
Director: Ding Yang Guo / Shen Yi
Region: China

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Gao Yuan Shu (Zhang Han) has developed superpowers after a boating accident that occurred just as he was proposing to his girlfriend of seven years (Emma Wu Ying Jie). The rest of his friends who were also in attendance seem to be experiencing the same changes.

Fun Facts
Let's Watch Meteor Rain gained a humongous following when it aired in 2009 and many hoped for another tandem between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, who eventually became a real life couple at one point. Hunan TV brings back another youth-centric offering with A Different Kind of Pretty Man, pairing up Zhang Han with Taiwanese actress Emma Wu Ying Jie, better known as Gui Gui. The series premiered on Jun. 29, 2014 on Hunan TV.

Main Cast
Hans Zhang Han Hans Zhang Han as Gao Yuan Shu
Emma Wu / Gui Gui / Wu Ying Jie Emma Wu as Tong Yu Chen
Fan Shi   Fan Shi as He Xiao Qian
Fang Yi Lun Fang Yi Lun as Xie Jiang Fan
Fang Xiao Li Fang Xiao Li as Feng Lan
Leon Zhang Yun Long Leon Zhang Yun Long as An Yi Fei

Supporting Cast
  • Ji Ya Wen as Yan Chao Chen
  • Lu Chen as Li Yi
  • Wei Lu as Shao Fei

  • Duo Yi Ge Ren Pei Ban (多一个人陪伴) by Dong Lai Dong Wang (东来东往)
  • Ming Ming Shi Zhen De (明明是真的) by Sun Ming (孙明)

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