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Friday, 30 September 2016

Drama: Detective Dee The Fifth

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Detective Dee The Fifth China Drama
Title: Detective Dee The Fifth
Chinese Title: 神探狄仁杰5
Broadcast Date: October 2016
Genre: Period Drama, Crime and Detective, Mystery
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Tan You Ye
Region: China

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During the spring of Yang Zhou, flowers that should have been in full bloom have mysteriously withered only to blossom into a color as red as blood. Given such an ominous foretelling, the Emperor sends his son Li Dan to conduct an investigation but Li Dan ends up disappearing without a trace. As a result, Di Ren Jie (Liang Guan Hua) accepts the task to get to the bottom of things once and for all.

Fun Facts

Detective Dee is a long-running series with 118 episodes during its first three installments in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Its latest offering titled Detective Dee the Fifth is a 50-episode TV series that premieres on Oct. 10, 2016 on CCTV 8. The series appeals to an older population and it is devoid of the fantasy elements and pop idols so often seen nowadays. Nevertheless, it has performed consistently well in terms of ratings, repeatedly getting extended as a result.

Detective Dee The Fifth Liang Guan Hua Liang Guan Hua as Di Ren Jie
Detective Dee The Fifth Wu Zhuo Han Wu Zhuo Han as Li Yuan Fang
Detective Dee The Fifth Zhou Jie Zhou Jie as Wu Ze Tian
Detective Dee The Fifth Song Yi Song Yi as Nan Yan
Detective Dee The Fifth Xu Qian Xu Qian as Zeng Tai
Detective Dee The Fifth Liang Da Wei Liang Da Wei as Shen Fei Yun
Detective Dee The Fifth Wang Jian Xin Wang Jian Xin as Hong Yi
Detective Dee The Fifth Xia De Jun Xia De Jun as Chen Yu
Detective Dee The Fifth Wu Ting Wu Ting as Xue Niang
Detective Dee The Fifth Zhu Rui Zhu Rui as Princess Tai Ping

Supporting Cast
  • Zhuo Fan as Wu Yi Zong
  • Weng Hong as Qing Cheng
  • Wang Ou as Ying Man
  • Wen Jing as Zi Yan / Chi Ye Tong
  • Kang Qun Zhi as Jin Mu Lan / Zhong Mu
  • Chen Zhi Hui as Yi Da Hong
  • Zhang Bing as Wu San Si
  • Xu Rong Zhen as Qi Xia
  • Li Zong Han as Shan Bao Shan
  • Hu Shun Er as Shuang Er

  • Chang Ge Yi Qu (长歌一曲) by Teng Ge Er (腾格尔)

Detective Dee The Fifth China Drama
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