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Friday, 19 December 2014

Drama: The Deer and the Cauldron

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The Deer and the Cauldron  China Drama
Title: The Deer and the Cauldron
Chinese Title: 鹿鼎记
Broadcast Date: December 20, 2014   -  
Genre: Period Drama, Martial Arts, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Lai Shui Qing
Region: China

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Wei Xiao Bao (Han Dong) is a mischievous and playful lad without a care in the world. Through an unexpected turn of events, he becomes the student of revolutionist Chen Jin Nan, transforming him from a nobody to a hero who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Wei Xiao Bao enters the palace by pretending to be a eunuch and he ends up forging an unlikely friendship with Emperor Kang Xi (Wei Qian Xiang) of the Qing Dynasty. He also meets his many romantic interests along the way - seven lovely ladies to be exact.

Fun Facts
This 2014 TV adaptation is based on Jin Yong's popular novel that was reissued in 2005. Jin Yong adds color to the romantic escapades of Wei Xiaobao and heightens the palace politics to make a more thrilling and action-packed story.

Main Cast
Han Dong Han Dong as Wei Xiao Bao
Loura Lou Loura Lou as Princess Jian Ning
Janice Wu / Wu Qian Janice Wu as Mu Jian Bing
Zhang Meng Zhang Meng as Shuang Er
Jia Qing Jia Qing as A Ke
Viann Zhang Viann Zhang as Su Quan
Zhao Yuan Yuan Zhao Yuan Yuan as Fang Yi

Supporting Cast
  • Wei Qian Xiang as Kang Xi
  • Mi Xue as Tai Hou
  • Wang Ya Hui as Zeng Rou
  • Wang Lin as Wei Chun Hua
  • He Zhong Hua as Chen Jin Nan
  • Lin Jiang Guo as Zheng Ke Shuang
  • Lai Shui Qing as Ao Bai
  • Liu Chang Si as Feng Yi Fei
  • Ji Chun Hua as Hai Da Fu
  • Li Qing Xiang as Suo E Tu
  • Liu Chang Sheng as Xu Tian Si
  • Min Zheng as Feng Ji Zhong
  • Ashton Chen as Jing Yuan Fa Shi

  • Tian Yi Ru Ci (天意如此) by
  • Ni Bu Shi Wo Cong Xiao Xiang Jia De Da Ying Xiong (你不是我从小想嫁的大英雄) by Loura Lou (娄艺潇)

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