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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Drama: Yes! Mr. Fashion

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Yes! Mr. Fashion  China Drama
Title: Yes! Mr. Fashion
Chinese Title: 是尚先生
Broadcast Date: June 8, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance, Idol
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 32
Director: La La
Region: China

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Shang Bo Ran (Cheney Chen) is the successor of Feng Shang Group. After the death of his father, he enters the company to prevent Leng Shan (Wu Jun Hui) from seizing control and to uncover the truth behind his mother's death. He meets newcomer Lu Xiao Kui (Ou Yang Na Na) and the two become fierce competitors in the industry; yet they are both in for a surprise upon learning that they've become roommates too.

Fun Facts
The TV series premiered on Jun. 8, 2016 on Hunan TV. It is the first time that novelist Guo Jing Ming takes on the role of director and the first time that Ou Yang Na Na takes on the role as lead actress. Sixteen year old Ou Yang Na Na and her co-star Cheney Chen have a ten year age gap.

Main Cast
Cheney Chen / Chen Xue Dong Cheney Chen as Shang Bo Ran
Ou YangNaNa Ou YangNaNa as Lu Xiao Kui
Ren Yan Kai Ren Yan Kai as Gao Min
Wu Jun Mei Wu Jun Mei as Leng Shan
Weng Hong Weng Hong as Shang Yun Xi
Wang Duo Wang Duo as Wang Xing Ren
Peng Xin Chen Peng Xin Chen as Angela
Wang Tong Hui Wang Tong Hui as Han Feng
Xiao Tian Tian Xiao Tian Tian as Xue Zhen Ni
Yuan Zi Yi Yuan Zi Yi as Victoria

Supporting Cast
  • Sheng Yong as Shang Zhi Yuan
  • Yang Zi Yan as Qin Yao
  • Yang Zhi Ying as Babi
  • Lu Lin as Gou Ge
  • Wang Han Xu as Shui Bing Yue
  • Cui Tan as J I M
  • Qiu Yu Chan as Xu Fei Fei
  • Hu Yue as Liang Su Su
  • Bian Cheng as Shang Bai Ran (Young)
  • Liu Xuan Yu as Wang Xing Ren (Young)

  • Sui Sui Lian (碎碎恋) by Cheney Chen (陈学冬)
  • Wen Nuan Ni De Dong ( Shi Lian Ban ) (温暖你的冬(失恋版)) by Ou YangNaNa (欧阳娜娜)
  • Wen Nuan Ni De Dong (温暖你的冬 (初恋版)) by Ou YangNaNa (欧阳娜娜)
  • Shen Shi (绅士) by Xue Zhi Qian (薛之谦)
  • Sui Sui Lian (碎碎恋) by Cheney Chen (陈学冬)
  • Yi Miao Shi Guang (一秒时光) by Lin Cai Xin (林采欣)

Yes! Mr. Fashion  China Drama
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