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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Drama: Kung Fu Mother-in-Law

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Kung Fu Mother-in-Law  China Drama
Title: Kung Fu Mother-in-Law
Chinese Title: 功夫婆媳
Broadcast Date: June 17, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 42
Director: Hou MingJie
Region: China

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The story is about the nuances of family dynamics in a modern day martial arts clan. Mei Chao Ying (Zhang Kai Li) is an orthodox kung fu master and Ren Xiao Xuan (Zhang Jia Ning) is her daughter-in-law. Ren Xiao Xuan is a dancer that dreams of taking the center stage in spite of being relegated to the sidelines though she relishes the opportunity to simply wake up every morning to dance. In spite of a lackluster career, Xiao Xuan is a blooming bride ready to start a new chapter in her life. Unfortunately, her husband goes missing during their honeymoon and her new mother-in-law considers her to be a prime suspect. Nevertheless, the mother-daughter pair soon realize that they have a greater enemy in the form of Huang Shu Lang, a relative who has returned from overseas to seize control of the family legacy.

Fun Facts
Kung Fu Mother-in-Law is a Chinese TV series directed by Hou Ming Jie. It initially broadcasted on Suzhou TV in 2015.

Main Cast
Zhang Kai Li Zhang Kai Li as Mei Chao Ying
Zhang Jia Ning Zhang Jia Ning as Ren Xiao Xian
Ray Ma Tianyu Ray Ma Tianyu as Huang Le Zong
Li Zong Han Li Zong Han as Chu Guan Yi
Xu Wen Guang Xu Wen Guang as Huang Shu Lang
Yang Shu Yang Shu as Huang Dian Dian
Li Hao Zhen Li Hao Zhen as Ren Xiao Ding
Jin Ze Hao Jin Ze Hao as Mo Si
Dong Yue Dong Yue as Jiang Ge
Yue Yue Li Yue Yue Li as Jiang Lin Yi

Supporting Cast
  • Li Yi Xin as Yu Chao Nan
  • Li Jing Jing as Luo Da Ying
  • Zhang Xi Wen as Jiang Ge
  • Yang Meng as Ren Fu
  • Yu Ya as Mei Sheng Mei
  • Yang Yang as Fen Jie
  • Guo Hong as Fang Xiao Qing
  • Guo Jing Lin as Tian Qing
  • Zhao Lei as Xie Wan
  • Que Yu as Tian Ci

  • Kuai Le Gong Fu Cha (快乐功夫茶) by Mao Ze Shao (毛泽少)
  • Listen - Dou Bi Fu Si Ji (逗比夫斯基) by Jian Hong Yi (简弘亦)
  • Listen - Zai Zhe Shi Jie Shang Mei You Tian Shi (在这世界上没有天使) by Jian Hong Yi (简弘亦)
  • Listen - Shu Gei Ni Shi Wo Zui Da De Xing Fu (输给你是我最大的幸福) by Mao Ze Shao (毛泽少)

Kung Fu Mother-in-Law  China Drama
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