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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Drama: Decoded

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Decoded  China Drama
Title: Decoded
Chinese Title: 解密
Broadcast Date: June 20, 2016   -  
Genre: Spy, Mystery, Action, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 41
Director: An Jian
Region: China

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Sinister forces are seeking to destroy the new government. To prevent this, Unit 701 recruits the nation's best talents, which include autistic math genius Rong Jin Zhen (Cheney Chen Xuedong), Di Li (Ying Er), Zhao Qi Rong (Jing Chao), Han Bing (Zhang Zhe Han), etc. to form an investigative team dedicated to deciphering the enemy's code. As the plot progresses, so does the story which escalates into a mind-blowing suspense thriller.

Fun Facts
The series premiered on Jun. 20, 2016 on Hunan TV and it achieved high-ratings throughout its run, thanks to its brilliant storyline that follows the likes of Disguiser, another suspense thriller that deals with espionage.

Main Cast
Cheney Chen / Chen Xue Dong Cheney Chen as Rong Jin Zhen
Ying Er Ying Er as Di Li
Yin Xiao Tian Yin Xiao Tian as An Neng
Wang Yan Yang Wang Yan Yang as Pan Sen
Zhang Zhe Han Zhang Zhe Han as Han Bing
Guo Jing Fei Guo Jing Fei as Zheng Dang
Jing Chao Jing Chao as Zhao Qi Rong
Ady An Ady An as Shen Yu Er
Bai Qing Lin Bai Qing Lin as Lei Ting

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Wei Mang (微芒) by Cao Yang (曹洋)
  • Listen - Xie Mi Pian Tou Qu (解密片头曲) by Chun Yin Le (纯音乐)
  • Listen - Wei Mang (微芒) by Cao Yang (曹洋)

Decoded  China Drama
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