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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Movie: Night Peacock

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Night Peacock China / France Movie
Title: Night Peacock
Chinese Title: 夜孔雀·如果没有遇见你
Release Date: May 18, 2016
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin, French
Director: Dai Si Jie
Region: China / France

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Ai Er Sha (Crystal Liu) is a French-Chinese musician who falls in love with Ma Rong (Leon Lai) though it is complicated by the fact that Ma Rongs's son Ma Lin (Yu Shao Qun) is madly in love with her. Later on, she develops feelings for Jian Ming (Liu Ye). How will their love triangle play out and where do they go from such an impasse? Ma Rong is the inspiration behind her night peacock tattoo while Jian Min is the man who inked the art onto her body.

Fun Facts

During promotions for Night Peacock, a crazed fan rushed onstage, knocking Crystal Liu onto the floor. She was physically fine aside from the initial shock over the situation.

Night Peacock Crystal Liu Crystal Liu as Ai Er Sha
Night Peacock Liu Ye Liu Ye as Jian Min
Night Peacock Leon Lai Leon Lai as Ma Rong
Night Peacock Yu Shao Qun Yu Shao Qun as Ma Lin

  • Listen - Wei Ai Cheng Ni (为爱成泥) by Yu Shao Qun (余少群)

Night Peacock China / France Movie
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