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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Movie: 708090 Shenzhen Love Story

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708090 Shenzhen Love Story China Movie
Title: 708090 Shenzhen Love Story
Chinese Title: 708090之深圳恋歌
Release Date: May 20, 2016
Genre: Comedy, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Director: Deng Jian Quan
Region: China

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Set in Shenzhen, a major conglomerate on the verge of collapse gives way to an aspirational story about three generations (70's, 80's, 90's) giving their all to fight for their dreams. Li Mei Qing (Zhao Yi Huan) is a young woman who falls in love with a much older man named Jiang Hai (Chen Shui) who is a wealthy businessman mindful of his humble beginnings as he willingly helps others. Li Ming Zhe (Kenji Wu) transforms from rebellious youth to the CEO of a conglomerate and he falls in love with Song Mei Yue (Song Ji Hyo), the woman whose father (Lu Liang Wei) goes bankrupt after falling victim to Ming Zhe's stepmother.

Fun Facts

It is Korean actress Song Ji Hyo's first time to act in a Chinese movie.

708090 Shenzhen Love Story Wen Bi Xia Wen Bi Xia as Zhao Yuan Yuan
708090 Shenzhen Love Story Lu Liang Wei Lu Liang Wei as Li Guo Hua
708090 Shenzhen Love Story Song Zhi Xiao Song Zhi Xiao as Song Mei Yue
708090 Shenzhen Love Story Zhao Yi Huan Zhao Yi Huan as Li Mei Qing
708090 Shenzhen Love Story Shang Kan Shang Kan as Huang Zhen Zhen
708090 Shenzhen Love Story Chen Rui Chen Rui as Jiang Hai

Supporting Cast
  • Liu Xi Xian as Chen Shu
  • Wu Ke as Li Ming Zhe
  • Duo Liang as A Jie
  • Li Dong Han as Gao Zong
  • Fan Ling
  • Zhao Chen Yan
  • Cheng Ni
  • Li Feng Ming as Xue Yi
  • Mo Li as Lu Tian Ming

  • Yong Gan Ba (勇敢吧) by Mo Li & Wei Yi Huan (万里&赵奕欢)
  • Ai De Xun Hao (爱的讯号) by Wei Yi Huan & Mo Li (赵奕欢&万里)

708090 Shenzhen Love Story China Movie
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