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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Drama: Road To North

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Road To North  China Drama
Title: Road To North
Chinese Title: 一念向北
Broadcast Date: April 21, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Mai Guan Zhi
Region: China

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Shen Kang Qi (Wu Jian Fei) is the son and successor of the Shen Conglomerate and he has fallen for the sweet and good-natured Tong Yi Nian (Zhang Li). Nevertheless, he cannot be with her due to his father's misgivings towards the Tong family. Director Lu Xiang Bei (Hawick Lau) is a man hardened by hatred and he leaves the Shen Conglomerate to work under the Tong family instead. Tong Yi Nian is ultimately the first to discover Lu Xiang Bei's ulterior motive but she keep his secret, winning over his heart in the process.

Fun Facts
The series premiered on April 21, 2016 on CCTV 8.

Main Cast
Hawick Lau Hawick Lau as Lu Xiang Bei
Zhang Li Zhang Li as Tong Yi Nian
Wu Jian Fei Wu Jian Fei as Shen Kang Qi
Liang You Lin Liang You Lin as Yi Duo
Zhang Jun Ning Zhang Jun Ning as Cen Jie Xi
Zhang Zi Xuan Zhang Zi Xuan as Wu Ying Ying

Supporting Cast
  • Bai Fan as Tong Zhi Hang
  • Huang Ai Ling as Liang Ma Ma
  • Qiao Hong as Shen Fu Ren
  • Chen Fa Rong as Jie Xi Ka
  • Liu Jiao Xin as Shen Meng De
  • Li Dong Heng as Xiao Ma Ge
  • Shi Yang Zi as Shen Kang Hua
  • Yang Zi Hua as Tong Zhi Xiao
  • Leng Hai Ming as He Zi Xiang
  • Zhou Ting Shan as Jing Ji Ren
  • Wang Jia Li as Lu Xiao Juan
  • Zhang Jia Hao as Lu Xiang Bei Xiao Shi Hou
  • Li Run Fei as Tong Yi Nian Xiao Shi Hou
  • Tang Guo as Ying Ying Xiao Shi Hou

  • Yi Nian Xiang Bei (一念向北) by Hawick Lau (刘恺威)
  • Deng Bu Dao De Ming Tian (等不到的明天) by Li Xi Rui (李溪芮)
  • Listen - Wei Ai Hui Gui (为爱回归) by Hawick Lau (刘恺威)

Road To North  China Drama
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