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Friday, 15 April 2016

Drama: I am Dulala

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I am Dulala  China Drama
Title: I am Dulala
Chinese Title: 我是杜拉拉
Broadcast Date: April 16, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 42
Director: Liu Jun Jie
Region: China

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Dulala (Qi Wei) is a 30 year old career woman vying for a promotion. At home, she is happily married to her husband Wang Wei (Wang Yao Qing). However, the arrival of Kai Xi (Wang Ting) threatens to ruin her picture perfect life. Kai Xi is a fierce competition at work and she has the upper edge for being young, driven and capable. To make matters worse, Kai Xi is an old family friend of the Wang family who is favored by Dulala's mother-in-law.

Fun Facts
I am Dulala is based on the last chapter of the Dulala series of novels and it premiered on April 16, 2016 on Jiangsu TV.

Main Cast
Qi Wei Qi Wei as Du La La
David Wang Yaoqing David Wang Yaoqing as Wang Wei
Zhu Yong Teng Zhu Yong Teng as Chen Yi
Yu Xiao Lei Yu Xiao Lei as Wang Li
Wang Ting Wang Ting as Kai Xi
Yang Kun Yang Kun as Lu Ai Hua
Hong Lian Cheng Hong Lian Cheng as Lu Bao Qiang
Yuan Bing Yan Yuan Bing Yan as Zuo Xiao Qian

Supporting Cast
  • Long Yi Yi as Xia Hong
  • Huang Jing Chun as Xiao Kai Xi
  • Fu Tao as Xiao Wang Wei
  • Ran Xu as Zhang Si Yuan
  • Ge Ke as Ou Mei Li
  • Wu Chun Yan as An Wei Wei
  • Xie Gao Feng as Du Zhong Qi
  • Yan Feng as Tong Jia Ming
  • Wu Yu Yao as Jin Jing
  • Hua Bo Bo as Huang Guo Dong
  • Qu Gang as Zong Jing Li

  • Xia Yu Le (下雨了) by Xue Zhi Qian (薛之谦)
  • Wo Huan Gei Ni Yi Xie Gu Shan (我还给你一些孤单) by Wang Su Shuang (汪苏泷)
  • Yu Jian Wei Zhi De Zi Ji (遇见未知的自己) by Lee Seung-hyun & Wei Yong Xin (李承铉&赵泳鑫)
  • Wang Le Qu Ji De (忘了去记得) by Qi Wei (戚薇)

I am Dulala  China Drama
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