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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Movie: Xuan Yuan: The Great Emperor

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Xuan Yuan: The Great Emperor  China Movie
Title: Xuan Yuan: The Great Emperor
Chinese Title: 轩辕大帝
Release Date: April 1, 2016   -  
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Period Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Li Xiao Jun
Region: China

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In a legendary era when Chinese history has barely been written, a tribe of warriors has established a community with Huang Di (Yu Po) as their leader and this is a film that captures his bravery, intelligence and heroics in a captivating story about a man who accomplishes unfathomable deeds during his time.

Main Cast
Yu Bo Yu Bo as Huang Di
Ban Jia Jia Ban Jia Jia as Mo Mu
Zhou Wei Tong Zhou Wei Tong as Lei Zu
Wang De Shun Wang De Shun as Yan Di

Supporting Cast
  • Li Qi Long
  • Su Deng Zha Mu Su as Chi You
  • Tan Xiao Hao
  • Li Xiao Jun

  • Listen - Xuan Yuan Da Di (轩辕大帝) by Yan Wei Wen (阎维文)

Xuan Yuan: The Great Emperor  China Movie
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