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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Movie: Chongqing Hotpot

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Chongqing Hotpot  China Movie
Title: Chongqing Hotpot
Chinese Title: 火锅英雄
Release Date: April 1, 2016   -  
Genre: Comedy, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yang Qing
Region: China

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Three old schoolmates Liu Po (Chen Kun), Xu Dong (Qin Han) and Wang Ping Chuan (Yu En Tai) who are in their middle-ages get together to open a one-of-a-kind hotpot place but business is dismal and they are drowning in debt. To pay it off, they decide to sell the shop after fixing it up to fetch a better price. In the midst of construction, they discover a hidden tunnel leading to a bank vault, what's more, their old classmate Xiao Hui (Bai Bai He) works at the bank too. To steal or not to steal, that is the question.

Main Cast
Chen Kun Chen Kun as Liu Bo
Bai Bai He Bai Bai He as Yu Xiao Hui
Qin Hao Qin Hao as Xu Dong
Yu En Tai Yu En Tai as Wang Ping Si

Supporting Cast
  • Alan Wang Yan Lin as Tang Seng
  • Li Jiu Xiao as Ba Jie
  • Yin Fang as Sun Wu Kong
  • Zhang Yi Chi as Sha Seng
  • Ling Lin as Zhou Lao Ban
  • Chen Nuo as Qi Ge
  • Zhou Zan as Yin Hang Hang Chang
  • Chen Wei as Liu Mu
  • Tang Zuo Hui as Liu Bo Wai Gong
  • Xia Tian as Zhang Jing Li
  • Run Tu as Jie Fei Si Ji
  • Mou Shan Shan as Pan Xu Jie
  • Song Wen Xin as Kuang Ke Chang
  • Yang Bin Xia as Xu Dong Qi
  • Wang Ying Ming as Zong Hang Chang
  • Li Xiu Sheng as Yu Fu

  • Shi Jie Shang Bu Cun Zai De Ge (世界上不存在的歌) by Zhao Ying Jun (赵英俊)
  • Listen - Shi Lian Zhen Xian Lian Meng (失恋阵线联盟) by Chen Kun & Qin Hao & Yu En Tai (陈坤&秦昊&喻恩泰)
  • Shi Jie Shang Bu Cun Zai De Ge (世界上不存在的歌) by Zhao Ying Jun (赵英俊)

Chongqing Hotpot  China Movie
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