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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Drama: Go! Goal! Fighting!

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Go! Goal! Fighting!  China Drama
Title: Go! Goal! Fighting!
Chinese Title: 旋风十一人
Broadcast Date: April 1, 2016   -  
Genre: School
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Li Guo Li
Region: China

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Go! Goal! Fighting! is an inspirational sports story about a young team of soccer players who have no shot at winning. One day, a new coach named Mu Qi (Hu Ge) comes along in addition to a new teacher named Pei Duo (Jiang Shu Ying). Mu Qi's strict and unconventional methods earn the disapproval of many including fellow faculty member Pei Duo but it works like a charm in helping the team improve and Pei Duo sees Mu Qi in a new light. However, a huge blow comes to everyone when Mu Qing's ugly past is revealed.

Fun Facts
Hu Ge, Jiang Shu Ying and Qian Feng all hail from Shanghai and they often speak their native dialect on set.

Main Cast
Hu Ge Hu Ge as Mu Qi
Maggie JIang Shuying Maggie JIang Shuying as Pei Duo
Zeng Li Zeng Li as Zhong Yan
Qian Feng Qian Feng as Lu Jie
Niu Jun Feng Niu Jun Feng as Wang Jing Ke
Li Si Cheng Li Si Cheng as Ding Yu
Wang Yi Lin Wang Yi Lin as Qin Ming Hao
Tang Fei Chao Tang Fei Chao as Guan Wen Fei
Wang Ya Nan Wang Ya Nan as Xiao Ji

Supporting Cast
  • Chong Xiang Ni De Ai (冲向你的爱) by Lu Hang Tuan Le Dui (旅行团乐队)
  • Ben Pao Zai Gu Ao De Lu Shang (奔跑在孤傲的路上) by Lu Hang Tuan (旅行团)
  • Listen - Wo De Shi Dai (我的时代) by Wang Yi Lin & Niu Jun Feng (王艺霖&牛骏峰)

Go! Goal! Fighting!  China Drama
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