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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Movie: Mermaid

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Mermaid  China / Hong Kong Movie
Title: Mermaid
Chinese Title: 美人鱼
Release Date: February 8, 2016   -  
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Stephen Chow
Region: China / Hong Kong

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Liu Xuan (Deng Chao) is a wealthy developer but his projects threaten the livelihood of the villagers as well as the mermaids beneath the ocean who are forced to take refuge inside a dilapidated ship. They send a lone mermaid named Shan Shan (Lin Yun) to put a stop to the continuous exploitations by the humans.

Fun Facts
Stephen Chow returns with Mermaid and it has turned into the biggest commercial success in 2016, surpassing Monster Hunt to become the highest grossing film in China. Similar to his previous works, Stephen Chow takes a simple plot and turns it into comedy gold with loads of fantastical elements. The movie also boasts an ensemble of high profile actors except for the role of mermaid, which went to newcomer Lin Yun after rounds of open auditions. Nineteen year old Lin Yun is 2016's rising star for headlining one of the biggest movies in China though she made waves once again after her relationship with actor Feng Shao Feng came to light, with many shocked by their 17 year age gap.

Main Cast
Deng Chao Deng Chao as Xuan Shao / Liu Xuan
Lin Yun Lin Yun as Shan
Kitty Zhang / Zhang Yu Qi Kitty Zhang as Ruo Lan
Show Luo Show Luo as Ba Zhua Yu / Ba Ge

Supporting Cast
  • Lin Zi Cong as Xiu Li Gong
  • Kris Wu as Long Jian Fei
  • Wen Zhang as Jing Cha Jia
  • Li Shang Zheng as Jing Cha Yi
  • Bai Ke as You Ke Jia
  • Kong Lian Shun as You Ke Yi
  • Zhang Mei E as Ren Yu
  • Yang Neng as Bo Wu Guan Guan Chang
  • Tsui Hark as Si Ye
  • Lu Zheng Yu as Guan Jia
  • Tian Qi Wen as Bo Wu Guan You Ke
  • Qian Guo Wei as Xiao Pan
  • Zhao Zhi Ling as A Long
  • Xu Zhen Zhen as Zuo Zhi Bo Shi Zhu Li
  • Xu Zhen Zhen as Zuo Zhi Bo Shi Zhu Li

  • Shi Fang Shi Zhong Ni Hao (世间始终你好) by Mo Wen Yu & Zheng Shao Qiu (莫文蔚&郑少秋)
  • Listen - Wu Di (无敌) by Deng Chao (邓超)

Mermaid  China / Hong Kong Movie
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