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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Drama: The Lover's Lies

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The Lover's Lies  China Drama
Title: The Lover's Lies
Chinese Title: 爱人的谎言
Broadcast Date: February 24, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance, Family, Idol, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 54
Director: Yu Zhong He Lin Hong Jie
Region: China

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Tong Si Ji (Jia Qing) has lost her parents as a young child to become the breadwinner caring for her younger brother and sister. She works multiple jobs all day long and she meets Yi Yi (Zhang Xiao Long), the sole successor of a department store. Yi Yi's mother discovers that Tong si Ji's real identity and she tries to cover it up with endless lies.

Fun Facts
The Lover's Lies is the sister production of The Wife's Lies and it brings back the cast to recreate the success of the former.

Main Cast
Zhang Xiao Long Zhang Xiao Long as Yi Yi
Qiu Sheng Yi Qiu Sheng Yi as Xiang Yang
Jia Qing Jia Qing as Tong Si Ji
Cao Xi Yue Cao Xi Yue as Cheng Hui Hui
Lyric Lan Ying Ying Lyric Lan Ying Ying as Tong Xiao Xia
Chen Ruo Xuan Chen Ruo Xuan as Tong Xiao Chun
Xu Kai Cheng Xu Kai Cheng as Tong Xiao Qiu
Chen  Wen Chen Wen as Tong Xiao Dong

Supporting Cast
  • Cai Gang as Liang Wen
  • Chai Yu as Tong Si Ji (Young)
  • Zhou Qi as Xiang Yang (Young)
  • Bianr Cheng as Tong Xiao Chun (Young)
  • Ye Kai Wen as Tong Xiao Qiu (Young)
  • Liu Zhi Hong as Yi Yi (Young)
  • Lin Jing as Du Juan
  • Fu Jia as Guan Yu
  • Shi Yan Wen as Miao Miao
  • Miao Ya Ning as Wei Xiao Bao
  • Gu Yu Han as Tong Xiao Xia (Young)
  • Cao Bo Xuan as Tong Xiao Dong (Young)

  • Ai De Huang Yan (爱的谎言) by Zhu Pei Si (朱培德)
  • Mei Yi Fen Mei Yi Miao (每一分每一秒) by Qiu Sheng Yi (邱胜翊)
  • Never Say Goodbye by Yang Jue Ting (杨珏婷)
  • Bu Zai Shui Zai Jian (不再说再见) by Zhang Jing Mei (张靓玫)
  • Ai De Huang Yan (爱的谎言) by Zhu Pei Si (朱培德)
  • Ru Guo Qian Shou (如果牵手) by Jia Qing (贾青)

The Lover's Lies  China Drama
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