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Friday, 26 February 2016

Drama: Happy Home

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Happy Home Korea Drama
Title: Happy Home
Chinese Title: 家和万事成
Broadcast Date: February 27, 2016   -  
Genre: Family, Melodrama
Language: In Korean
Episodes: 50
Director: Li Dong Yun
Region: Korea

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Inside Chinatown is a Chinese restaurant called Happy Home that is a family-run establishment. However, the Bong family faces their biggest trial yet when the children and even the parents are in the brink of divorce.

Main Cast
Kim So-yeon Kim So-yeon as Feng Hai Ling
Jin Ying Zhe Jin Ying Zhe as Feng San Feng
Lee Pil-mo Lee Pil-mo as Liu Xian Qi
Park Min Woo Park Min Woo as Li Kang Min Li Kang Min
Yin Duo Xun Yin Duo Xun as Feng San Zhi
Su-Won Ji Su-Won Ji as Feng San Shu
Li Shang Yu Li Shang Yu as Xu Zhi Jian
Yoon Jin-yi Yoon Jin-yi as Zhu Shi Li
Yuan Mei Jing Yuan Mei Jing as Pei Shu Nu
Jin Zhi He Jin Zhi He as Han Mei Shun

Supporting Cast
  • Xu Yi Shu as Zhang Jing Yu
  • Su Xi Zhen as Wu Min Jing
  • Cui Yun Su as Feng Hai Yuan
  • Zhang Ren Xie as Feng Mo Hao
  • Nan Ming Lie as Xu Dao Heng
  • Li Na Run as Feng Zhen Hua
  • Jin Sha Lang as Feng Shan Hua
  • Li Su Jing as Li Yong En
  • An Xiao Xie as Cui Zhe Xiu
  • Piao Zhi Ri as Li Xi Hao

  • Shi Shang Mo Shir (세상만사(世上万事)) by No Brain
  • Ai Bu Zhi Dao (唉 不知道) by Norazo
  • Hen Ji (흔적(痕迹)) by Zion
  • Shui Ai Ni (사랑한다고 말해요(说爱你)) by Sheng Hao (升昊)

Happy Home Korea Drama
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