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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Drama: One More Happy Ending

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One More Happy Ending Korea Drama
Title: One More Happy Ending
Chinese Title: 再一次happy ending
Broadcast Date: January 20, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Language: In Korean
Episodes: 16
Director: Quan Cheng Chang
Region: Korea

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Han Mi Mo (Jang Nara) is the CEO of a successful match-making agency but in spite of her unique skill set, she is a divorcee that has had an unlucky streak in love. She remains good friends with the members of the defunct k-pop group called Angels and the story revolves around the friendships and relationships surrounding the lives of these thirty-something women. On the worst day of her life, she meets Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) who is her school day nemesis and they end up drowning their sorrows away one drunken evening.

Main Cast
Jang Na-ra Jang Na-ra as Han Mei Mao
Jung Kyung-ho Jung Kyung-ho as Song Xiu He
Yoo In-na Yoo In-na as Gao Dong Mei
Liu Duo Ren Liu Duo Ren as Bai Duo Qing
Kwon Yul Kwon Yul as Ju Hai Jun
Jin Tai Xun Jin Tai Xun as Jin Jian Xue
Xu Ren Ying Xu Ren Ying as Hong Ai Lan
Shen Xian Bin Shen Xian Bin as Yu Yan Xiu

Supporting Cast
  • Huang Shan Xi as Wu Yan Xiu
  • Piao Shan Duo La as Ju Se Ya
  • Gao Gui Bi as Luo Xian Ji
  • Jin Dan Lu as Song Min Yu
  • Piao En Shuo as Fang Dong Pei
  • Jin Si Quan as Jin Sheng Zai
  • Zhang Jun You as Song Shi Ya
  • Li Cai En as Zheng Ya Ni
  • Chen Ji Zhou as An Chun Xiu
  • Jin Zhi An as Ju Yan Mei
  • Li Dong He as Jin Zheng Xun

  • Du Yi Wu Er De Mei (独一无二的美丽) by April 2nd
  • Wo De Xin Ru He An Fang (我的心如何安放) by Gui Xian (曺圭贤)
  • LOVE begins by Hong Da Guang (洪大光)
  • Always For You by Qun Xing (群星)

One More Happy Ending Korea Drama
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