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Friday, 22 January 2016

Drama: Let's Fashion Together

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Let's Fashion Together  China Drama
Title: Let's Fashion Together
Chinese Title: 极品模王
Broadcast Date: January 23, 2016   -  
Genre: Romance, Idol, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Li Ba En
Region: China

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Everything started with a fashion show when newbie manager Didi (Cheng Xi) and four models Gao Wei Wen (Ren Yan Kai), Jin Jun He (Lee Hyun Jae), Wang Fu Gui (Zhang Wan Yi) and Bobby (Pei Li Yan) accidentally destroy an antique sculpture. In order to pay off their debt, everyone pins their hopes onto Wang Fu Gui in hopes that his projects will earn the big bucks. During a gaming advertisement, Wang Fu Gui gets a chance to meet Xian Er (Guo Bi Ting) who has been his ideal woman for years as well as top model Adam Lee (Wang Rui) who seems to have a past with Gao Wei Wen.

Fun Facts
It is a LeTV self-produced web series that aired on LeTV's multiple platforms online.

Main Cast
Bea Hayden / Hayden Kuo / Guo Bi Ting Bea Hayden as Xian Er
Lee Hyeon-Jae Lee Hyeon-Jae as Jin Jun He
Ren Yan Kai Ren Yan Kai as Gao Wei Wen
Zhang Wan Yi Zhang Wan Yi as Wang Fu Gui
Pei Duo Ge Pei Duo Ge as Bobby
Cheng Xi Yu Cheng Xi Yu as Di Di
Qu Jing Jing Qu Jing Jing as Yi Jie
Bai Xue Bai Xue as Su Ma Li
Yang Zhi Ying Yang Zhi Ying as Xiao Nuo

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Rui as Adam
  • Bao Mu Zhong Yang as Pang Bai Jun
  • Wang Lan as San Gu Ma

  • Listen - Ji Pin Mo Wang (极品模王) by Ji Pin Mo Wang Jun Tuan (极品模王军团)
  • Listen - Ji Pin Mo Wang (极品模王) by Ji Pin Mo Wang Jun Tuan (极品模王军团)
  • Listen - Zui Lang Man De Shir (最浪漫的事) by Bea Hayden (郭碧婷)

Let's Fashion Together  China Drama
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