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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Movie: Detective Chinatown

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Detective Chinatown  China / Thailand Movie
Title: Detective Chinatown
Chinese Title: 唐人街探案
Release Date: December 31, 2015   -  
Genre: Action, Comedy, Mystery
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Si Cheng
Region: China / Thailand

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Detective Chinatown is a crime solving film with a touch of comedy. Qin Feng (Liu Hao Ran) fails his police academy examinations and he is sent to Thailand to live with Tang Ren (Wang Bao Qiang), a distant uncle who has earned the title of Detective Chinatown. However, Tang Ren gets accused of a crime he did not commit such that he and Qin Feng become fugitives overnight. They only have seven days to find the missing gold, catch the real culprit and prove their innocence, all while running from a mob of cops.

Fun Facts
Detective Chinatown is Director Chen Si Cheng's second project after Beijing Love Story as well as Wang Bao Qiang's return to comedy after Lost In Thailand. Liu Hao Ran who was seventeen at the time rose in popularity after the movie's premiere and he has recently accepted the lead role for Nirvana in Fire 2.

Main Cast
Tong Li Ya Tong Li Ya as A Xiang
Wang Bao Qiang Wang Bao Qiang as Tang Ren
Liu Hao Ran Liu Hao Ran as Qin Feng
Xiao Shen Yang Xiao Shen Yang as Bei Ge
Chen He Chen He as Huang Lan Deng
Xiao Yang Xiao Yang as Kun Tai
Mark Ma / Ma Yu Ke Mark Ma as Tuo Ni
Pan Yue Ming Pan Yue Ming as Li
Sang Ping Sang Ping as Jin Gang
Zhao Ying Jun Zhao Ying Jun as Yue Nan Zai

Supporting Cast
  • Tang Ren Jie (唐人街) by Li Yu Chun (李宇春)
  • Wang Shir Zhi Neng Hui Wei (往事只能回味) by Song Xiao Bao & Yue Yun Peng (宋小宝&岳云鹏)
  • Sa Wa Di Ka (萨瓦迪卡) by Nan Zheng Bei Zhan (南征北战)

Detective Chinatown  China / Thailand Movie
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