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Monday, 21 December 2015

Drama: The Story of Furong

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The Story of Furong  China Drama
Title: The Story of Furong
Chinese Title: 芙蓉诀
Broadcast Date: December 22, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance, Period Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 38
Director: Guo Dan Li Tao
Region: China

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During the Tang Dynasty, Eunuch Ju (Shi Zhong Wen) kills five government officials in an attempt to hid his evildoings and the evidence falls into the hands of Prime Minister Mu. Prime Minister Mu's daughter Mu Fu Rong (Zheng Yuan Yuan) refuses a marriage of convenience and she jumps to her death in defiance, yet she survives thanks to a masked hero (Zheng Xi) who comes to save her. Eunuch Ju has long been targeting the masked hero and the Mu family that the incident places a giant target on Mu Fu Rong's back.

Main Cast
Zheng Xi Zheng Xi as Yu Wen Tai
Zheng Yuan Yuan Zheng Yuan Yuan as Mu Fu Rong
You Yong You Yong as Mu Ming Zheng
Shi Wen Zhong Shi Wen Zhong as Ju Wen Zhen
He Yin He Yin as Jin Yan Zi
Wang Yi Zhu Wang Yi Zhu as Qin Cai Yun
Li Dai Kun Li Dai Kun as Mu Shi Xian
Joe Xu Hai Qiao Joe Xu Hai Qiao as Qin Zi Que
Wang Yu Qi Wang Yu Qi as Zhi Zi
Liu Hua Liu Hua as Zheng Fei Long

Supporting Cast
  • Zeng Yi Xuan as Hong Ling
  • Chen Ye as Zhao Jing Lue
  • Yi Kun as Zhen Yi
  • Shan Ming Kai as Fang Er Lang
  • Yi Kun as Zhen Yi
  • Wang Yu as Qin Shang Shu
  • Zhang Yi Long as Liu Wu
  • Liu Hai Lan as Qin Ruo Yan
  • Li Ya Tian as Feng
  • Zhang Wei Dong as Yun

  • Listen - Fu Rong Jue (芙蓉诀) by Wang Jia Liang (王嘉亮)
  • Listen - Zui Yin Yuan (醉姻缘) by Liu Yan (刘妍)
  • Listen - Fu Rong Jue (芙蓉诀) by Wang Jia Liang (王嘉亮)
  • Listen - Zui Yin Yuan (醉姻缘) by Liu Yan (刘妍)

The Story of Furong  China Drama
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