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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Drama: The Legend of Flying Daggers

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The Legend of Flying Daggers  China Drama
Title: The Legend of Flying Daggers
Chinese Title: 飞刀又见飞刀
Broadcast Date: 2016
Genre: Period Drama, Martial Arts
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 46
Director: Liang Sheng Quan Ma Hua Gan Liu Guo Hui
Region: China

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Li Huai (Hawick Lau) is the grandson of the legendary Li Xun Huan (Kevin Yan Kuan) as well as the successor of the flying daggers technique. He is Li Man Qing's illegitimate son who has never felt the warmth of family because of his status as an outsider. His birth mother leaves him a treasure map that gives him riches beyond compare yet it also puts a target on his back from greedy bandits and the like. He meets Xue Cai Yue (Yang Rong), a mysterious swordswoman who becomes his one true love yet she may also come to be the biggest source of his downfall.

Fun Facts
It is Kevin Yan Kuan's fourth time acting in a Gu Long wuxia just after playing the titular lead in New Xiao Shi Yi Lang. It is Hawick Lau's first time acting in a Gu Long wuxia.

Main Cast
Hawick Lau Hawick Lau as Li Huai
Yang Rong Yang Rong as Xue Cai Yue
Emma Wu / Gui Gui / Wu Ying Jie Emma Wu as Fang Ke Ke
Huang Ming Huang Ming as Li Zheng
Kenny Kwan Kenny Kwan as Long Yi
Yuan Bing Yan Yuan Bing Yan as Shui Wu Shang
Jeremy Jones / Xu Zheng Xi Jeremy Jones as Li Man Qing (Young)
Bai Bing Bai Bing as Shang Guan Xian (Young)
Yan Kuan / Kevin Yan Yan Kuan as Li Xun Huan

The Legend of Flying Daggers  China Drama
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