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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Drama: The Lady in Cubicle

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The Lady in Cubicle  China Drama
Title: The Lady in Cubicle
Chinese Title: 格子间女人
Broadcast Date: 2016
Genre: Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Jiang Jia Jun
Region: China

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Based on a novel of the same name, The Lady in a Cubicle is a Chinese TV series about three women in the corporate world - Tan Bin (Tiffany Tang Yan), Mini (Mo Xiao Qi) and Jessica (Liu Xi Xi). Every white-collar worker wishes for the day they can kiss the cubicle goodbye to have an office of their own. Tan Bin is no different and she is a highly-effective performer who ranks as part of the top 500 salespeople in the world. Her boyfriend is a painter named Shen Pei (Li Cheng Xuan) but they are as different as day and night, languishing in a relationship that is in danger of falling to pieces. However, Tan Bin realizes that another man is closer than she thinks and he is none other than Cheng Lu Min (Ron Ng), her direct boss and her competition.

Fun Facts
Tang Yan trims her long locks for a shorter-length hair for the sake of the role.

Main Cast
Tiffany Tang Yan Tiffany Tang Yan as Tan Bin
Wu Zhuo Xi Wu Zhuo Xi as Cheng Rui Min
Lee Seung-hyun Lee Seung-hyun as Shen Pei
Mo Xiao Qi Mo Xiao Qi as Mini
Liu Xi Xi Liu Xi Xi as Jessica

Supporting Cast
  • Han Zhang as Zhou Yang
  • Zhang Xi Yuan as Wen Xiao Hui
  • Ren Quan as Qu Feng
  • Jiang Bing as Liu Bing Kang
  • Tang Xu as Yu Yong Lin
  • Li Xue Qing as Jiang Zhou
  • Cui Yi Jing as Tian Qing Qing
  • Tang Qun as Tan Mu
  • Wang Kai as Chen Yu Tai
  • Wei Zhi as Li Hai Yang
  • Wang Zhi Fei as Tan Fu
  • Zheng Xiao Ning as Cheng Fu

The Lady in Cubicle  China Drama
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