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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Movie: Les Adventures D'Anthony

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Les Adventures D'Anthony  China Movie
Title: Les Adventures D'Anthony
Chinese Title: 陪安东尼度过漫长岁月
Release Date: November 13, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Qin Xiao Zhen
Region: China

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Anthony (Liu Chang) is an ordinary man with inordinate adventures. He meets Xiao Ying (Bai Bai He) during the sakura festival in Tokyo and he studies alongside Jia Ming (Bai Ju Gang) in Melbourne. From the moment he attends college to the time he finds work, from the time he lived abroad to the time he lived at home and from the time he turned 20 to the time he turned 23, he experienced romance, sweetness, laughter and touching memories.

Fun Facts
Les Adventures D'Anthony is a movie based on a novel by Guo Jingming who also penned, Tiny Times, Ice Fantasy and L.O.R.D. Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties.

Main Cast
Liu Chang Liu Chang as An Dong Ni
Bai Bai He Bai Bai He as Xiao Ying
Tina Tang Yi Xin Tina Tang Yi Xin as Xiao Xuan
Bai Ju Gang Bai Ju Gang as Jia Ming
Bruce Hung Bruce Hung as Pierre
Vivian Sung Vivian Sung as Xiao Hei

Supporting Cast
  • Pei Ni Du Guo Man Chang Sui Yue (陪你度过漫长岁月) by Eason Chan (陈奕迅)
  • Ying Wen Ban Zhu Ti Qu (Sleep Alone(英文版主题曲)) by Eason Chan (陈奕迅)
  • Tong Bu (同步) by Fan Xiao Xuan (范晓萱)
  • (October Snow) by Chen Ming Xi (陈明憙)

Les Adventures D'Anthony  China Movie
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