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Friday, 6 November 2015

Drama: Return of Happiness

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Return of Happiness  China Drama
Title: Return of Happiness
Chinese Title: 幸福归来
Broadcast Date: November 7, 2015   -  
Genre: Family, Idol
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 48
Director: Shen Yi
Region: China

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Yu You Wei (Li Qin) comes from a wealthy family but she ends up in a fishing village under the care of another family. Her adoptive father is weak, her adoptive mother is cold and her adoptive brother is sickly, yet she never gives up her dreams of becoming a sailor. Along the way she meets Han Ming (Ron Ng) and romance unexpectedly finds them both.

Fun Facts
It is Ron Ng and Li Qin's first collaboration in a project and their first scene together involves a fight, which is why Ron approached Li Qin in an effort to make the situation less awkward.

Main Cast
Li Qin Li Qin as Yu You Wei
Wu Zhuo Xi Wu Zhuo Xi as Han Ming
Tong Yi Xuan Tong Yi Xuan as Ding Ai Jia
Yang Yu Ting Yang Yu Ting as Ding Chi
Guo Jia Hao Guo Jia Hao as Yu Shi Wei
Liu Wen Zhi Liu Wen Zhi as Ding Huai Yuan

Supporting Cast
  • Li Xin Cong as Xiao Mei
  • Qin Yan as Han Shu Gen
  • Zhang Guo Qing as Yu You Jiao
  • Hao Yang as Lin Min Jun
  • Gao Rong as Yu Si Yu
  • Meng Fei as Ni Qiu
  • Tong Xiao Hu as Jin Da Ba
  • Ren Si Yang as Shou Hou
  • Hou Jiang Long as Fang Jun
  • Yue Yue Li as Guang Ye Ye
  • Cai Guo Long as Lao Wang
  • Lu Yang as Meng Huo
  • Shen Yan Ting as Han Ming (Young)
  • Cui Ruo Han as Yu You Wei (Young)

  • Ku Dao Tian Liang (哭到天亮) by Xu Ya Tong (许亚童)
  • Ai Shang Bu Gai Ai De Ren (爱上不该爱的人) by Yu Tong Fei (宇桐非)
  • Mei Yi Ci Xiang Qi (每一次想起) by Yu Tong Fei (宇桐非)
  • Hou Hai Yi Ye (后海一夜) by Yu Tong Fei (宇桐非)
  • Yin Wei Ai Ni Suo Yi Fang Qi (因为爱你所以放弃) by Yu Tong Fei (宇桐非)
  • Gan Dong Tian Gan Dong De (感动天感动地) by Yu Tong Fei (宇桐非)
  • Fei Diao He Yu (飞鸟和鱼) by Lu Wen (吕雯)
  • Mei Na Ma Ai Wo (没那么爱我) by Yu Tong Fei (宇桐非)

Return of Happiness  China Drama
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