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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Drama: Family Harmony

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Family Harmony  China Drama
Title: Family Harmony
Chinese Title: 家和万事兴
Broadcast Date: November 11, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 46
Director: Wang Wei Ting
Region: China

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It is about two sisters and their experiences with marriage, providing a realistic account of how marriage affects relations between family, friends and everyone involved. Zhang Xiao Jun (Hai Lu) is a young woman who dreams of becoming a rich housewife. The day finally arrives and she marries Liu Jia You (Zhang Di) yet the joke seems to be on her as it marks the beginning of endless problems that involve her ex, his ex and even his mother-in-law. Her older sister Zhang Ying Xue (Li Yi Xiao) used to be happily married but her best friend steals her husband and she is resigned to a divorce, choosing instead to live with her son.

Fun Facts
The creative minds behind Noble Bride 2, a daily drama that aired in China in 2013 returns with Family Harmony, a melodrama with even more heart-wrenching developments sure to bring about the waterworks.

Main Cast
Hai Lu Hai Lu as Zhang Xiao Jun
Xie Xiang Ming Xie Xiang Ming as Chen Kai Wen
Li Yi Xiao Li Yi Xiao as Zhang Ying Xue
Zhang Di Zhang Di as Liu Jia You
Liu Meng Meng Liu Meng Meng as Song Xiang
Li Jin Rong Li Jin Rong as Liu Jia Cheng

Supporting Cast
  • Li Huai Long as Hong De
  • Meng Yao as Yin Mei Mei
  • Chen Yi Zhen as Yang Lan
  • He Qiang as Liu Yuan Chang
  • Bo Hong as Zhen Zhu
  • Zhang Yong Qi as Zhan Yu
  • Madina Memet as Shan Shan
  • Fei Er as Jiang Su Yun
  • Guo Jia Hao as Guo Jian Zhang
  • Ding Hui Yu as Zhang Xiao Fei
  • Luo Kuang as Lu Hong
  • Ye Cheng Tong as Hong Liang
  • Zeng Hong Chang as Gao You He
  • Bai Xue Jun as Xiao Yan

  • Listen - San Hang Qing Shu (三行情书) by Hai Lu & Zhang Di (海陆&张迪)
  • Listen - Xing Fu De Wei Dao (幸福的味道) by Zeng Yu Xuan (曾雨轩)
  • Listen - Pin Cou Yue Guang (拼凑月光) by Yang Hao Dong & Luo Zhi Qiang (杨昊东&罗志强)
  • You Xin Qu (忧心曲) by Mu Zi Shuo (木子烁)
  • Listen - Yu Lei (雨泪) by Zhang Zhuo Wen (张倬闻)

Family Harmony  China Drama
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