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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Drama: Alpha Beta

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Alpha Beta Hongkong Drama
Title: Alpha Beta
Chinese Title: 天才在左疯子在右
Broadcast Date: November 13, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Melodrama
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 30
Director: Song Ben Zhong
Region: Hongkong

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Gao Kai (Alan Ko) used to be the head of an advertising agency but his fiancee Tian Xin (Deng Li Xin) turns into a different person after an accident. They sign up for an evaluation at a psychiatric ward where his cousin Li Shi Hui (Cherry Ying) works as a doctor.

Fun Facts
It is a self-produced web series by LeTV that is also adapted from a popular web novel by Gao Ming.

Main Cast
Chen Xiao Chun Chen Xiao Chun as Xiao Chen
Cherry Ying / Ying Cai Er Cherry Ying as Li Shi Hui
Li Can Sen Li Can Sen
Danny Chan Kwok-kwan Danny Chan Kwok-kwan
Ke You Lun / Alan Ko / Alan Kuo Ke You Lun as Gao Kai
Deng Li Xin Deng Li Xin as Tian Xin
Alex Fong / Fang Li Shen Alex Fong
Jiang Li Wen Jiang Li Wen as Xiao Yu
Kenny Kwan Kenny Kwan as San Hao
Lin Jun Xian Lin Jun Xian

Supporting Cast
  • Qin Pei as Yuan Chang
  • Zhong Li Ti as Da Shuang
  • Lian Shi Ya as Hua Zi
  • Zhao Shuo Zhi as Jing Er
  • Gong Ci En as Xiao Chen Mu Qin
  • Wang Ge Xi as An Jing Tan
  • Huang Wen Hui as Doctor Hu
  • Zeng Wei Quan as Xiao Yu Fu Qin

  • (A life) by Ke You Lun (柯有伦)

Alpha Beta Hongkong Drama
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