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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Movie: The Witness

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The Witness  China Movie
Title: The Witness
Chinese Title: 我是证人
Release Date: October 30, 2015   -  
Genre: Thriller, Melodrama, Crime and Detective, Mystery
Language: Mandarin
Director: An Shang Xun
Region: China

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A blind woman (Yang Mi) is the only witness to a gruesome murder case but she is highly perceptive due to her experiences as a police trainee. However, a new witness (Luhan) resurfaces and his statement directly contradicts hers. Which side must they believe?

Fun Facts
The Witness is the Chinese remake of the popular k-movie called Blind.

Main Cast
Yang Mi Yang Mi as Lu Xiao Xing
Luhan Luhan as Lin Chong
Zhu Ya Wen Zhu Ya Wen as Tang Zheng
Wang Jing Chun Wang Jing Chun as Lu Li
Wayne Liu Ruilin Wayne Liu Ruilin as Liang Cong

Supporting Cast
  • Tang Ran Xin as Ding Pei Pei
  • Chai Yu as Lu Xiao Xing (Young)
  • Lai Yi

  • Xun Zhang (勋章) by Luhan (鹿晗)
  • Listen - Chong Er Fei (虫儿飞) by Luhan & Zhang Qi & Liu Si Chao (鹿晗&张淇&刘思超)

The Witness  China Movie
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