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Monday, 19 October 2015

Drama: New Mad Monk

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New Mad Monk  China Drama
Title: New Mad Monk
Chinese Title: 新济公活佛(下部)
Broadcast Date: October 20, 2015   -  
Genre: Period Drama, Melodrama, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Liang Xin Quan Liu Jia Jing
Region: China

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Mad Monk (Benny Chan) is an atypical hero reincarnated from a dragon but he earns the title mad monk due to his disregard for the norm. He meets a pair of sisters Qiu Man Feng and Qiu Ning Yu (Mu Ting Ting), helping them overcome their heartaches over one man though his good deeds do not end there as he travels the ends of the earth to help more people along the way.

Fun Facts
New Mad Monk retains the charms of the former to bring back the crazy antics of Benny Chan who has become synonymous to the character after playing the part for so long. It still has slapstick comedy, bad effects and an overload of cheesiness but underneath it all is a simple premise about good versus evil that continues to be popular with the masses. The TV series is 73 episodes long that aired on Hunan TV in two parts with the first run ranking consistently #1 in ratings.

Main Cast
Benny Chan Benny Chan as Ji Gong
Lin Zi Cong Lin Zi Cong as Guang Liang
Chen Wei Han Chen Wei Han as Bi Qing

Supporting Cast
  • Ai De Gou Hao (爱的句号) by Lu Yu Lin & Xu Shen Dong (陆昱霖&徐申东)
  • Ji Qing (寄情) by Xu Shen Dong (徐申东)
  • Chang Xiang Sui (常相随) by Wang Lin (王麟)
  • Da Shen Yi (大神一个) by Lu Yu Lin & Xu Shen Dong (陆昱霖&徐申东)
  • Yi Qu Bu Fan (一去不返) by Liu TingYu (刘庭羽)

New Mad Monk  China Drama
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