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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Drama: The Last Battle

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The Last Battle China Drama
Title: The Last Battle
Chinese Title: 最后一战
Broadcast Date: October 16, 2015
Genre: War and Revolution, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Lin Feng, Wang Fei
Region: China

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In the year 1945, China was making its final stand against Japan. Zhang Huai Bin (Gao Yun Xiang) is a pilot, Chen Jian Yu (Choo Ja Hyun) is a Communist, Hu Lan (Peng Jin) is a Nationalist, Zhang Huai Jiang (Cui Lin) is a platoon leader and Han Wen Yu (Zhang He) is a revolutionary.

The Last Battle Gao Yun Xiang Gao Yun Xiang as Zhang Huai Bin
The Last Battle Choo Ja Hyun Choo Ja Hyun as Chen Jian Yu
The Last Battle Zhang He Zhang He as Han Wen Long
The Last Battle Peng Jing Peng Jing as Hu Lan
The Last Battle Cui Lin Cui Lin as Zhang Huai Jiang
The Last Battle Wang Peng Kai Wang Peng Kai as Chen Jian Ye
The Last Battle Huang Si Qi Huang Si Qi as Lan Ling Er
The Last Battle Mao Zi Jun Mao Zi Jun as Han Wen Yu
The Last Battle Tang Ba Hu Tang Ba Hu as Ma Li Ya

Supporting Cast
  • Zhang Yao as Yuan Guo Fa
  • Li Yuan as Chen Jian Yi
  • Xu Ling Fang as Chen Yu Hua
  • You Chong as You Yong
  • Wang Qiang as Wang Yao Wu
  • Gao Bo as Yang Ba Tao
  • Yuan Ming as Luo Ba Te
  • Shang Tie Long as Wang Lao Hei
  • Xia Hua as Long Run Er
  • Liu Tian Yao as Wen Sen Te
  • Ba He as Chen Ma Zi

  • Zai Yi Qi (在一起) by Yu Peng & He Yi (于鹏&何艺)

The Last Battle China Drama
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