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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Drama: Good Time

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Good Time China Drama
Title: Good Time
Chinese Title: 大好时光
Broadcast Date: October 16, 2015
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 38
Director: Xia Xiao Yun
Region: China

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Yuan Hao (Hu Ge) is handsome, successful and well-to-do but he comes from a broken family, instilling within him a fear of marriage, worsened by a girlfriend willing to do anything to force a proposal. Mao Xiao Chun (Wang Xiao Chen) is an unassuming nurse who has also become an anti-marriage advocate after experiencing a failed relationship. Their initial meeting was a metaphorical battlefield that turned into sparks of romance. Will these two overcome their insecurities to finally accept each other?

Fun Facts

It is Hu Ge's second collaboration with screenwriter Wang Li Ping and director Xia Yao Yun whom he worked with in Life Revelation.

Good Time Hu Ge Hu Ge as Yuan Hao
Good Time Wang Xiao Chen Wang Xiao Chen as Mao Xiao Chun
Good Time Xu Bai Hui Xu Bai Hui as Shan Shan
Good Time Elvis Han Dong Jun Elvis Han Dong Jun as Luo Yi Yang

Supporting Cast
  • Xu Ya Jun as Zhu Tao
  • Zhou Chu Chu as Xia Bing Bing
  • Lu Liang as Yuan Fu
  • Fang Fang as Yuan Mu
  • Lu Yi Sha as Zhang Xue Er
  • Gao Bei Bei as Jian Hui
  • Xu Yu Lan as Mao Mu
  • Bian Tao as Mao Fu
  • Liu Jie as Qiu Li Na
  • Song Ru Hui as Yin Yue
  • Xu Sheng Nan as Zeng Jian
  • Liu Min as An Ni
  • Chun Xia as Ai Qi
  • Li Shuai as Dai Sen Lin
  • Shao Chuan Yong as Lao Dong
  • Chen Hong Mei as Xu A Yi

  • Da Hao Shi Guang (大好时光) by Wei Ke (赵可)
  • Da Hao Shi Guang (大好时光) by Wei Ke (赵可)
  • Da Hao Shi Guang (大好时光) by Wei Ke (赵可)

Good Time China Drama
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