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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Movie: The Tale of Three Cities

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The Tale of Three Cities  China Movie
Title: The Tale of Three Cities
Chinese Title: 三城记
Release Date: August 27, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zhang Wan Ting Luo Qi Rui
Region: China

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The Tale of Three Cities is about young men and women of an era tormented by the horrors of war and the unyielding love that prevails in spite of the hardships. During the 1940's, policeman Dao Long (Sean Lau) meets Chen Yue Rong (Tang Wei) and their story takes place in three different cities. They meet in Anhui, separate in Shanghai and fight against all odds to reunite in Hong Kong.

Main Cast
Sean Lau Sean Lau as Dao Long
Tang Wei Tang Wei as Yue Rong
Qin Hai Lu Qin Hai Lu as Qiu Xiao Ling
Jing Boran Jing Boran as Shou Mai Hua
Huang Jue Huang Jue as Zhou Shi Fu

Supporting Cast
The Tale of Three Cities  China Movie

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