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Monday, 24 August 2015

Drama: Warriors on Fire

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Warriors on Fire  China Drama
Title: Warriors on Fire
Chinese Title: 铁在烧
Broadcast Date: August 25, 2015   -  
Genre: Romance, Spy, War and Revolution
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 46
Director: Liu Xin
Region: China

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Ge Shi San (Wang Lei), Chang Er Kuan (Qi Kui) and Chou Wa (Yi Zu Xin) are three quirky personalities with disparate backgrounds who become sworn brothers. They get unfairly implicated in a corruption case that threatens their lives and they are forced to make a run for it, becoming a Communist, a Nationalist and a bandit.

Main Cast
Wang Lei Wang Lei as Ge Shi San
Liu Tao Liu Tao as Zhao Zhi Yi
Qi Kui Qi Kui as Chang Er Kuan
Xie Zu Xin Xie Zu Xin as Ding Chou Wa
Wang Ting Wang Ting as Hu Ying Ying
Qiu Lu Fan Qiu Lu Fan as Shen Jia Wei
Yang Qing Yang Qing as Qin Mei Lun
Qu Shuang Shuang Qu Shuang Shuang as Liu Hui Ying
Shibuya Tenma Shibuya Tenma as Gao Mu Yi Ren

Supporting Cast
  • Cao Ge
  • Xi Mei Juan as Song Chu Chang
  • Yan Rui as Xiao Bai Long
  • Su Yan Jie as Yao Zi Qing
  • Xia Ming Hao as Hu Zhen Yu
  • Fang Yuan as Sun Ting Ting

Warriors on Fire  China Drama
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