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Monday, 31 August 2015

Drama: Legend of Laozi

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Legend of Laozi  China Drama
Title: Legend of Laozi
Chinese Title: 老子传奇
Broadcast Date: September 2015
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 33
Director: Chen Wei Guo Fan Hua
Region: China

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Lao Zi is the founding father of Taoism. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Li Er (Fan Hua ) is born and he is a child prodigy wise beyond his years. He began his studies under Shang Rong at the age of eight and he successfully defends against the Wu militants at the age of 12. His noteworthy experiences have come to shape a whole school of philosophical thought that he then compiled into Tao Te Ching, a Chinese classic text widely studied until today.

Main Cast
Fan Hua Fan Hua as Lao Zi
Ding Ye Ding Ye as Kong Zi
Zhang Qian Ming Zhang Qian Ming as Ting Yang
Guo ZiXi Guo ZiXi as Tong Xin
Mei Nian Jia Mei Nian Jia as Qing Nian Li Er
Xiao Bao Zhong Xiao Bao Zhong as Zi Qing
Wei Wei Wei Wei as Ma Tong
Luo Xiang Luo Xiang as Chang Hong

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Di as Zhou Tai Hou
  • Liu Jun as Zhou Tian Zi
  • Xu Huan Shan as Zi Zhen
  • Hao Yi Lin as Xiao Ting Yang
  • Jia Nan Hai Lin as Ma Tai
  • Yang Zhe as Li Tai Gong
  • Shi Tian Long as Li
  • Zhang Shan as Yin Xi
  • Cai Ran as Li Fu Ren
  • Lu Ruo Xiang as Li Zong
  • Hou Qi as Zhu Yan
  • Guo Meng as Song Ping Gong

  • Dao Zai He Fang (道在何方) by Han Lei (韩磊)

Legend of Laozi  China Drama
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